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For Students


Beginning with the fall 2017 semester, all PSYC 1101 students will be required to earn four (4) psychology experience credits (PECs) in order to pass or complete their 1101 courses. These credits may be earned through participation in psychology experiments conducted by members of our faculty; one-half hour or participation = 1 PEC. Credits may also be earned by summarizing a peer reviewed journal article; one summary = 1 PEC. Finally, credits may be earned through some combination of these two methods (e.g., 2 participation PECs from one hour of research and 2 summary PECs). If, for some reason, there are not enough studies currently available for your PECs, you may also write summaries for your PEC requirement.

Your PSYC 1101 instructor will determine how many points your PECs are worth in your class, usually between 5%-10% of the final grade, and whether the PECs are granted on a pass/fail basis. In some courses, you may find that you receive no point credit but that you are unable to complete the course without having earned all 4 PECs. That is, you might be given an Incomplete (I) for your grade until you finish your PEC requirement. In no case will you pass and/or complete your course without completing the PEC requirement. If you have questions, please speak to your instructor or the SPASS Coordinator.

All the information you need to be successful in signing up for and participating in GHC Psychology-based research studies is available to you on this website. If you have any trouble navigating to the information you need, please contact the SPASS Coordinator. Good luck, and have a great semester!

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