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8 week 1102 and 2122

14ENGL 1102 and 2122 Sequence

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The ENGL 1102 and 2122 Sequence contains two 8-week courses offered in a web-based format. These courses fulfill the same Area A and Area C requirements as the full-semester ENGL 1102 and literature courses offered at GHC.

They are designed for those who:

  • need flexibility in their schedule
  • feel comfortable communicating by email
  • have some experience using the Internet
  • are self-motivated

ENGL 1102 (Freshman Composition II) focuses on writing research papers and provides an introduction to literature and writing literary analysis.

ENGL 2122 (British Literature II) explores literature written in Great Brittain and her format colonies (1800 to present day). We will read and write about monsters, ghosts, goblins, wizards, time travel and more. This period is one of rapid change from the old world order to a modern one, and many authors used sensational elements in their writing as they tried to make sense of the dizzying changes in science, technology and society that they were experiencing. ENGL 1102 is the only prerequisite for this course. Students do NOT need to take British Literature I before taking this course; however, SCORE will not allow students to register themselves for this course. Registration can be completed at any GHC campus, or by emailing an academic advisor.

            What is the work load and how would this fit with traditional, 16-week courses?

Since this is a 3 hour course, in general, students can expect to spend 6-24 hours a week involved in course work. Like summer classes, this class will have a weekly workload that feels like 2 classes instead of one–this is because the class finishes in half the time:

Traditional 4-class model:    Mix of traditional and 8-week hybrids model:
Whole semester (Fall/Spring) 1st 8 weeks  2nd 8 weeks
MATH 1111 MATH 1111  MATH1111
ENGL 1102 ENGL 1102 ENGL 2122
BIOL 1010K BIOL1010K  BIOL 1010K
 non-English 3 credit hour class   (13 credit hours total)
  (13 credit hours total)

 An added benefit of this format is that a student only needs to concentrate on three classes at a time.

Course Materials (1102): Starting in Summer 2016, my courses will be trialing Open Educational Resources (OER’s), so students should NOT purchase any textbooks for ENGL 1102.

Course Materials (2122): The Norton Anthology of English Literature (10th ed.), Vols. D, E and F only*+

*Internet access and basic computer skills are required for both courses.

+ If you plan to use financial aid to purchase the books for ENGL 2122, you should do this at the beginning of the semester even though the course doesn’t start right away.