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Academic Dean

Sarah Coakley

Sarah Coakley, Ph.D

Dean of Natural Sciences

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Contact Information:


Office: Cartersville C340C

Phone: (678) 872 – 8015


Mark Knauss
CAPTION: (From left) GHC Professor of Biology Mark Knauss; Anna K. Davie Elementary School Principal Parke Wilkinson; and GHC Dean of Natural Sciences and Physical Education Greg Ford cut the ribbon for the new outdoor classroom at the Anna K. Davie Elementary School surrounded by students from Mr. Milliards’ class.


Georgia Highlands College, in partnership with Anna K. Davie Elementary School and the South Redevelopment Corporation, opened the new outdoor classroom at the Anna K. Davie Elementary School in December.

The effort began as a joint service-learning project between Georgia Highlands College, the South Rome Redevelopment Corporation and Anna K. Davie Elementary School. The vision was to create an outdoor classroom in conjunction with the South Rome Redevelopment Corporation Community Garden in hopes that students and parents alike would use the space for teaching and learning opportunities, including community gardening, food security, social entrepreneurship and other related STEM education opportunities.

Grant funds from the Opal Apple Company supported the effort through a small grant that allowed for the purchase of an instructional greenhouse and raised beds.< For more informaton on this endeaver: Rome News

students from wetlands experience posing for group photo

September 25, 2015. The Wetlands Experience With Redbud Middle School

The Georgia Highlands Wetland Experience is an opportunity for students in local schools to spend a day with our volunteer faculty and staff to get hands on experience with local wildlife and geological principles in and around the Paris Lake Nature Reserve. The program includes time outdoors with our experienced scientists collecting and exploring the natural habitat, and classroom activities that supplement the out door activities.