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How to Pass Math Tests

  1. Do your assignments on time, ask the instructor if you have questions, and check your homework often.
  2. Take advantage of practice tests.
  3. Identify your areas of weakness.
  4. Check in with your classmates and plan for a study date at the library or find a friend or family member for any help using a study program.
  5. Take advantage of the free tutoring provided by GHC.
  6. During the test, answer all of the questions you know first then try to answer all other questions. Do not spend a lot of time on a question that you cannot solve easily.
  7. Use your test time wisely when taking any math test, estimate how much time you need for each question.
  8. Do not over think the problems.
  9. Listen to your professor attentively and ask questions in the class.
  10. Do two-way communications with your professor.
  11. You can use your calculator in Math 989 tests.
  12. Buy the textbooks and supplies a month before your class begins.
  13. Do not miss any class.
  14. Take notes in the class.
  15. Pay special attention during the instructor’s demonstrations.
  16. Trust yourself and expect that you can pass any tests.
  17. Know what materials will be tested.
  18. Prepare ahead of time for the test.
  19. After finishing your test, check your answers. Do not leave any question unmarked. With multiple choice tests, if you do not know the answer just guess it.