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About Dilshad Akrayee

Dilshad is an Instructor of Developmental Mathematics at Georgia Highlands College. Teaching math and physics has been Dilshad’s inspiring and considerate career in Middle East, Guam Island, and the United States for 10+ years. His dedication and commitment have been critical to the success of his students scientifically and academically. His extra effort has foster self and administration that provided his students’ math skills essential to their practical life and future.

He holds a master degree from Shorter University and degrees in mathematics from Mosul University (B.S.), and a diploma in Draft Engineering from North Western Technical College in Rome, GA in addition to AutoCAD R13 & R14 (Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced) Draft Tech Systems Inc. in Atlanta, GA

His research has been on many research-based teaching and learning mathematics’ tools and resources. He has superior math skills and resourceful in reasoning and deduction. He is always capable to effectively problem solve and initiate ideas into concrete plans. He has expert technical skills. He is proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, BPCS (Business Planning & Control System), Formula Central, Access, Outlook, and Project.  He is skilled in use of Elke type AS400 System, PLM Optiva (Product Lifecycle Management Solution for Process Manufacturing), PLM 101, SAP R/3 System, COGNOS (Business Sales Analysis and Reports), and Statistica (trademarked in capitals as STATISTICA, statistics and analytics software package). Moreover, he has strong language skills (multilingual) in English, Kurdish, and Arabic and able to use the Gulf Sign language.

Dilshad is married and has two children (Heleen and Hari).